Vero - True Social released

Published on .

I talked about how I'm an evil person and part of the growing effort of destroying the web likes before (as if my recent Coffee machine post wasn't terrible enough). I haven't said what I was working on, or really, what the company I work for is working on, but now it's released and I can finally talk about it: It being a social network. Or better put, yet another social network.

Hold on, don't go away just yet, I believe it's actually a really cool social network (and I actually do, I've been drinking that kool-aid heavily). First of all, it's called Vero and it's primarily an iPhone app for now. The twist is that it's privacy oriented AND explicitly not monetized through advertising the selling of user data! This is really important to us, what's shared there stays there and is only visible to the people it's shared it with, no third party!

Also, it centers around privacy: You have three so called loops, Close Friends, Friends and Acquaintances in which you can categorize people and each of these loops can have a different avatar. So not only can you decide what to share with whom, but also how these people see you within the network. And then of course you can share what you are up to, give recommendations for places, movies, music, books etc, watch and listen to previews of shared content (eg. if someone shared a song you can listen to a preview of it, or watch the trailer of a shared movie) and easily access shared content through collections.

Yadda yadda yadda. But seriously, I really like it a lot.