Ultimaker modding

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Long time no blog post, so I figured, I might as well write a blog post about something super boring: Modding my 3D Printer! For quite a while now I’ve been running OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi as my print server, as it’s much more convenient than shoving G-Code onto the SD card and then printing from there. However, this has one downside: I had to have the Pi close by the printer since they communicate via USB with each other. Then, I found a mount on thingiverse that allows mounting the Raspberry Pi under the Ultimaker itself, and also optionally a relay that allows turning the printer on and off via OctoPrint. At first I started out

Printing with Wood and Metal on an Ultimaker 2


I've been printing lots of robots today on my Ultimaker 2, trying out different materials and what settings to use to print with them. I've used the special filaments from Colorfabb, who had the genius idea to mix normal PLA filaments with metal and wood to allow normal printers to print with different materials. And because pictures say more than 1000 words, or so I've heard, here is the result: From left to right: Natural PLA, WoodFill, CopperFill, BronzeFill, GlowFill General things I've noticed All of these filaments are PLA based, although how much PLA is in them depends on the filaments. So to get that out of the way, if you use these filaments, you are still technically printing